Orange Range is a Japanese hip-hop and rock band hailing from Okinawa. They started when childhood friends, Kitao "Kat-chan" Kazuhito (former drummer) and Hiroyama Naoto (guitarist) got together and decided to form a band. They then recruited Miyamori Yoh (bassist), Hokama Hiroki (mid vox), Yoh's brother, Ryo (low vox) and Ganeko Yamato (high vox).

In 2002, they signed under Spice Music and released their first mini-album, Orange Ball, which carries their single, Michishirube. In 2003, they signed under Sony Music and released two singles, Kirikirimai and Shanghai Honey, in which the later debuted in #5 in the Oricon charts. After that, they gained even more fame when their next single, Viva Rock, was featured as the third ending theme song for the hit anime Naruto. Later in that same year, they released their first major album, 1st Contact. Through the years, their songs were featured in tv dramas, anime, commercials, movies and even major events like the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

In the middle of 2005, founding member, Kat-chan left the band. It was initially reported that this was due to a bad case of tendonitis, though there were speculations that it was really because of the band's "creative differences", wherein the band is turning more hip-hop than rock.


Hokama Hiroki
Mid Vox
Bday: June 29, 1983
Blood: A
Height: 169.5cm
Weight: 55kg
Miyamori Ryo
Low Vox
Bday: October 1, 1985
Blood: O
Height: 170cm
Weight: 60kg
Ganeko Yamato
High Vox
Bday: January 14, 1984
Blood: A
Height: 170cm
Weight: 56kg
Hiroyama Naoto
Bday: May 8, 1983
Blood: A
Height: 175cm
Weight: 58kg
Miyamori Yoh
Bday: December 11, 1983
Blood: O
Height: 177.5cm
Weight: 55kg

Former Member:

Kitao Kazuhito "Katchan"
Bday: June 19, 1983
Blood: A
Height: 173cm
Weight: 50kg

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